Car Loans For Discharged Bankrupts

If you are currently bankrupt, discharged bankrupt or are under debt agreement such as Part IX or Part X, you may still be eligible for a car loan! Needy Money offer car loans for bankrupts, as long as  you are atleast one year past the date you entered bankruptcy or the debt agreement.

Whether you need a vehicle for personal or business use, we can provide you with the best deal based on your circumstances. Having the right car opens up a world of possibilities, which is why Needy Money endeavour to make the right vehicle accessible to everyone. Your car can be purchased from anywhere in Australia and the seller can be either private or a dealer.

We believe that your credit file should not hold you back, which is why we look at your current personal and financial situation instead of focusing on your history when processing your application. Our car finance for bankrupts can be obtained online, with a quick online application sometimes being all you need to receive the funds in your account promptly. As long as you have demonstrated an ability and commitment to making timely repayments, we will consider providing you with a car loan.

Our car loans for discharged bankrupts are fuss-free, helping you get the car you need to go about your daily errands and make it to work. In addition to car loans for bankrupts, Needy Money also provide small loans to cover medical expenses, wedding costs, financial emergencies or debt consolidation. Regardless of any precious bankruptcy, Needy Money are more than happy to have a look at your application.

How can I get approved for a bankrupt car finance?

Needy Money make it easy to be approved for our car loans for bankrupts, creating a seamless online application experience for all Australians. We aim to understand your current situation instead of your past bankruptcy, seeking to provide an accessible car loan option for discharged bankrupts. At Needy Money, we endeavour to provide car loans for bankrupts that will open up a world of possibilities. Use your new vehicle to do your job, travel to and from work, do your errands, take the kids to school or drive to university – anything is possible when you have the right car at your disposal!

To get your car finance for bankrupts, complete an easy online application or visit our Bundoora location if you are based locally. To apply, you simply need be a Permanent Australian resident, employed and over 18 years old.

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