Getting Car Finance with Defaults

Planning on getting a car but finding it difficult to obtain car finance because of your paid defaults? Needy Money focus on your current financial situation and credibility, meaning you can be eligible to apply for a car loan even though you have defaults on your credit file.

Our secured car loans can be an ideal option, with Needy Money being able to help you with a car loan even if you have any paid or unpaid default on your credit file. If getting car finance with defaults has proven to be too difficult, turn to Needy Money instead!

A quick online application can get you on the track towards your dream car, wherever you are in Australia. Simply click here to submit an application for a fast approval.

What are defaults?

Having defaults on your credit file can make getting a car loan a nightmare. Needy Money are seeking to change this, offering car loans with paid defaults to those who have demonstrated an ability and commitment to making timely repayments. Whether you have a paid default or an unpaid default, feel free to apply online with Needy Money, as we offer high approval rates.

Getting car finance with defaults is made fuss-free at Needy Money, allowing you to obtain the car you require to get to and from work, do your errands, take the kids to school or anything in between. Regardless of any prior bankruptcy or poor credit history, Needy Money are still happy to receive your application.

Can I get a car loan with an unpaid or paid default?

Do you think that getting car finance with defaults is impossible? Needy Money is happy to help, with our easy online application meaning a quick outcome and faster access to the funds you need. Simply begin your application online or visit our Bundoora location for an in person application or to ask questions about car finance with paid defaults.

In addition to car finance for people with defaults, Needy Money also offer personal loans to those with paid defaults to help you achieve your other goals, such as covering medical expenses, wedding costs, financial emergencies, purchasing a vehicle, renovating your home or consolidating debt.

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