Pre Approved Car Loans

Looking to purchase a car but having trouble deciding on one or are wondering how much can you borrow? Needy Money can solve these concerns with our pre approved car loans. Once you get the green light from us with a preapproval or instant approval, you can go about finding our dream car. With Needy Money, the approval process can be as quick as a few business hours to one business day.

With a pre approved car loan, you will know exactly how much you can spend on your car. This means you won’t miss out on any great features you can potentially afford, and also won’t be shopping outside of your budget. Having a pre approved car loan also allows you to negotiate a better price on your vehicle, as you will know exactly how much you can borrow to pay for the car. By communicating to the dealer that you are ready to buy immediately, you may be offered a better deal as you are a serious buyer. Having this peace of mind is priceless and provides you with confidence when shopping for a new car.

What does car loan pre approval mean?

A preapproved car loan lets you know exactly how much you will be able to borrow based on your financial situation. After analysing your situation, Needy Money will be able to provide you information regarding how much money you can borrow, the interest rate attached to the loan, and what your repayments will most likely look like.

More often than not, a preapproval doesn’t lock the borrower in.

A car loan pre approval may depend on the type of car you are wishing to purchase. In some cases, the vehicle must meet age restrictions. We accept all type of sellers and will finance a car that comes from a used car dealer, franchised dealership or auction house.

How can I get my car finance pre approved?

To simplify the car loan application process and make an informed purchase, a pre approved car loan is well worth it. You can make sure you have the money you need at your disposal, and will be better positioned to negotiate.

Needy Money make getting your car finance preapproved a breeze. Simply click here to go to out application form, enter the amount you require and submit your application. We will process it and will come back with your limit, allowing you to hit the car purchasing market with a set budget in mind.

Wherever you are in Australia, apply for your pre approved car loan with Needy Money online today, or visit our Bundoora location if you are based locally.

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