Instant Cheque Cashing Service

Why wait 3 days for your cheque to clear?

Needy Money provides clients with a cheque cashing facility which offers them the opportunity to cash their cheques instantly. Just bring in your cheque with 100 points of ID and you’ll have your money within minutes.

Example of these are:

  • Govt Cheques
  • Tax Refund
  • Bank Cheque
  • Wage Cheque
  • Company Cheque
  • Insurance and more

At Needy Money, we know that when you receive a cheque, you will be eager to cash it as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, cash cheques can often take up to 3 business days to clear in your bank account. Needy Money provide instant cheque cashing in Melbourne, providing a quick turnaround of cash cheques to locals. The types of cheques we cash include Gaming, Government, Tax Refunds, Bank, Wage, Company and Insurance. We do not cash personal bank account cheques.

Our cheque cashing fee starts from a flat fee of 5%, which is well worth the quick turnaround. Simply call us on 03 9468 8200 to get a free quote on your cheque. In some cases, we might request a copy of the cheque to be emailed to us before we are able to provide you with a quote as we have to verify it.

Please note that we only can cash cheques that are brought to our Bundoora branch in Melbourne, for verification purposes.

Why opt for instant cheque cashing in Melbourne? It saves you time, meaning you do not have to wait for your cheques to clear at the bank, results in a faster approval from sighting the cheque to getting paid cash, and allows you to take control of your money and when you need access to it.

End your search for instant cheque cashing near you by visiting Needy Money today, one of the leading places in Australia offering affordable and quick cheque cashing.

Please Note: Needy Money does not cash cheques from personal bank accounts. Conditions Apply

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