Low Interest Home Loan For Debt Consolidation

Are you hoping to free up some of your cashflow and obtain a home loan, but feel overwhelmed by which lender will help? Needy Money can help you find a low interest home loans for debt consolidation, which can allow you to merge your outstanding debts into one convenient and easy-to-manage home loan. This means you can invest your excess money into other things while also being able to better manage your debts. In some cases, you may even end up with a lower interest rate by consolidating your debts in a home loan than you currently pay. Putting yourself in a better financial position by doing this is well worth it.

Can I refinance to consolidate debt into my home loan?

Consolidating debt by refinancing your home loan has multiple benefits, depending on your circumstances. It could help you manage a range of other short-term debt solutions, such as credit cards, car loans, store cards and personal loans that usually attract a higher interest rate. Refinancing to consolidate your debt into a home loan means managing a single loan that would give you a regular repayment amount by using your equity to a lower rate. A low interest home loan for debt consolidation provides you with a smart way to get your finances under control while achieving your home ownership dreams.

Wondering if you can refinance to consolidate your debt into a home loan? You may be able to if you have:  

  • A clean credit file and all of your repayments have been on time you can borrow up to 90% of the property value
  • Missed payments but are repaying your debts overall you can borrow up to 80% of the property value
  • Serious credit impaired or are missing payments on all of your debts – you can borrow up to 75% of the property value

Some advantages of refinancing to consolidate debt into your home loan is that reduces the cost and effort of maintaining numerous debts, can potentially improve your credit score, and allows you to potentially minimise fees, charges and paperwork.

Apply for a debt consolidation loan today

A low interest home loan for debt consolidation could be a wise move for you. Contact Needy Money today to see if a debt consolidation home loan could be right for you, or apply directly via our website, in branch, or request a call back for one of our credit representatives to call you and go through the application with you.

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