Finance For Discharged Bankruptcy

Discharged from bankruptcy and finding it hard to be approved for finance? Here at Needy Money, we process applications for a range of applicants, includingfinance for discharged bankrupts. Our loan processing aims to understand your current circumstances rather than simply focusing on your past history. Too often, getting finance as a discharged bankrupt can be a nightmare, with many hurdles being placed in your way. Needy Money endeavour to make the process easier for you, promptly assessing your situation to provide you with the most suitable financing option possible.

Our applicants come from all across Australia and each application is processed case by case. Our personal loans strive to assist customers, including discharged bankrupts, with meeting expenses that have arisen such as car repairs, upcoming weddings and functions and many more. Whether it’s expected or unexpected, our loans are tailored against your current circumstances and aim to meet your loan needs. A loan like this can be exactly what is needed to get you out of a rough patch.

Can I apply for a loan if I've not been discharged from a bankruptcy?

Needy Money offer loans to those who entered bankruptcy more than 12 months ago. Needy Money endeavour to provide a number of loan products suitable for people from all walks of life. This means that in addition to finance for discharged bankrupts, we also offer personal loans, car finance, van finance to those who are currently bankrupt and not discharged yet.

Just like our personal loans, our car loans and van finance aim to assist discharged bankrupts realise their goal of purchasing the vehicle require or desire. The vehicle can be used for personal or business purposes and to be purchased through a dealership or private sale. Our team of experts ensure you receive the best deal for your car finance and van finance.

What loan options do I have?

If you require finance for discharged bankrupts, the following options may be available to you:

  • Payday loans: Payday loans are short term loans with repayment terms up to a year. Most payday loans are capped at $2000. In some cases, payday loans can be available to bankrupt applicants.
  • Personal loans: Specific personal loans for those with bad credit may be available from Needy Money.
  • Business loans: To get your business through a difficult financial spot, you may be eligible for a business loan.

If you are in a difficult financial situation, simply contact the experts at Needy Money to determine what options could be available to you.

Whether you need a personal loan, car finance or van finance, there could be more options available to you than you think. Simply drop into our Bundoora branch, call us or apply online to see what financing options are available to you, despite your bankruptcy.

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