Small Personal Loans

Needy Money provides small personal loans Australia-wide, offering easy online applications and fast approvals. Whether you have a bad credit history or are in a financial pinch, Needy Money will be able to provide the best loan for your circumstances.

Our small personal loans can be tailored to suit a number of purposes, with everything being handled online. Whether you have experienced previous bankruptcy or have a bad credit history, you are eligible to apply with us as we focus more on your current situation ,such as your current employment and good banking conduct.

Small personal loans may be necessary at times, such as when you are hit with an unexpected bill, but unfortunately, many traditional avenues of lending put up countless roadblocks in your way. When you need money fast, turn to Needy Money instead. Small loans can be the money you need in an emergency, with our quick online loans being suitable for medical or dental costs, unexpected bill, taking a holiday, or repairing your home or car. Being able to quickly obtain a small loan in these situations often means the difference between making it through a difficult time or ending up even more out of pocket. 

Fast & Easy way to apply for a small personal loan

Wondering what the best way is to apply for a small personal loan in Australia? Needy Money have got the solution! We make the process fuss-free, allowing everything to be done online or instore at our Bundoora location. The process will take just a few minutes, and will promptly be looked at by our qualified staff.

We are also happy to discuss repayment structures with you, ensuring you are able to make repayments that you are comfortable with. We are committed to providing you with the best possible finance, which is why we take your current financial situation and history into account. Whether you have been unemployed for long periods of time, bankrupt, or have poor credit history, Needy Money could have a solution for you. Thanks to our extensive network of lenders, we are likely to have a small personal loan that could suit your circumstances.

Apply Now for a quick approval by clicking here. If you have any questions, you call us on 03 9468 8200, chat with us during our office hours or request a call back by clicking here

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